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Feast of the Day

The sun comes surging from the east,
and prompts my drowsiness to break.
My eyes partake of the vast feast;
to wondrous world of God , I wake.

Bird songs may regale my dears,
flutter of aspen's leaves applause,
loved speaking of a dear one cheers;
a strain performed sounds forth and awes.

That, which in nature, God imparts,
He nurtures in the hands of men,
though rare, to bless and touch our hearts.
In gift of sound, we feast again.

Summer mornings, balmy, sweet,
breezes stirring touch the face.
Soft grass or gravel 'neath the feet,
our feast of touch enriches days.

Coffee's aroma lures our nose,
to join into the feast of taste.
Smell of bacon, scent of rose;
our senses feast, delight embraced.

A heart of gratitude may swell;
as when the sun comes in the east.
Abundance felt, that all is well,
we join into the bounteous feast.

06/23/2014 Carol Welch
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