I will make in the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. Isaiah 41:18

Waiting for the Train of Life to Arrive

Carol Crafts Originals

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Diversity of Value
Delay of Spring Weather
Dream Town
Can't Bear the Intrusion
Receipt Versus Defeat
Attempting to Please
Flag of Honor
A Daily Prayer
Serving Birdies
Demise of a Folk Song
Infinite Father
Shelter and Remedy
Feast of the Day
Independence Day Night
Matching Tempo
Summer Shower
County Fair
Rainbow Dream
Thanks for the day
The Height of Summer
Tribute to a Precious Widow
Gift of Today
Stower Seven Lakes Trail
Summer Visit
Memories of Linda
Idea Catcher
Fall Festival
Cheap Roll of Tissue
Accepting Change
Summer Reprieve
Sunflower's Finale
Rock-a-bye Baby and Eagle
Practice on the Scraps
Love Getting the Victory
Dishwasher Principles
Vast Gifts

Voyage that Found Our Land
Audit or Edit
Happy Years
Newspaper and Radio
Observing Dissimilar Days
Secret, Sprightly Squirrels
Progress and Perfection
Minnesota Maller
Sharing With an Older Friend
Who Are We?
Colors Exchanged
Tradition(s) of Thanksgiving
Vain Search or Triumph
Christmas in Two Places
Our Gift for Christmas
The Portrayal
Lawful But Not Convenient
New Year 2015
Losing or Gaining Strength
What Will They Think Of Next
Snowbird Trade-off
Just the Fringes
Figs and Faith
Healing of a Life
Address Book
A Villanelle of a Day Spent Well
Gift of Golden Thread
Good morning
Anticipating Seasons
Valentine Man
Difficult Trade-off
News and Living
Nurture's Song
Creation Purpose and Beauty
Amery Spring Show
Gifts of Sharing
Expressing a Good-natured Compliment
Applaud or Edit
Red Oaks Ending the Winter
Spring, as We Expected
Hats Off to Spring Show
Canine Companions
Cherishing Each Other