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Independence Day Night

It's dusk; up and down Harriman and Elm,
cars parked, they carry blankets, lights and chairs,
all prepared to see the show overwhelm,
as in years past, enjoy the booms and flares.

Though Soldiers' Field is virtually now passe,
we gather in the site to hear the band,
and, most of all, the fireworks display,
celebrating the freedom in our land.

Lively tykes with sparklers on the ground,
popcorn's aroma wafting through the air,
sky filled with intermittent, booming sound,
and South Twin Lake reflects the rockets' glare.

Lined up on Highway "F", the golf course their stage,
cars park, avoiding causing traffic block,
the green slopes the seat for kids of every age.
Across the lake, fiery reflections rock.

Keller Avenue was filled up long ago,
and parking on the side streets hard to find.
Though challenged by crowded streets at time to go
This night will linger long on many a mind.

Of all nostalgic and current special days.
July is gifted with a day of heartfelt glee.
As gratitude and boisterous fun we raise,
that we may be in the Land of the Free.

07/01/2014 Carol Welch
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