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Stower Seven Lakes Trail

It used to be a busy railroad track,
with many wheels that clacked and sang their way,
a whistle blast both musical and abrupt.
Fast passing time declares it "yesterday."

Today, oh, what the plans of men have brought,
a path away from rush of daily life,
where nature shows its beauty and its peace,
and we enjoy a break from stress and strife.

Its name derived from, appropriately ,
a man who promoted caring for the land,
who walked in later years with aid of cane,
seeing in our local efforts what was grand.

So Seven Lakes included in its path,
should you ambitiously your hike extend,
roll past green hills, ponds, tall reeds, and homes,
bright flower beds, drooped willows, river's bend.

Enjoy, like the man who loved this area,
from growing up near Dad's feed mill, and learned
the nature of the area, value of work,
state assembly, then Amery to lead, returned.

Along the trail where many walks now calm,
enhance the days of those who find the time,
whose choice is wholesome out of doors pursuit,
all right to reflect on past when train was prime.

08/06/2014 Carol Welch
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