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Voyage that Found Our Land

To leave the sunny shores of Italy,
prepared to face head on the perils unknown,
the obstacles, not only treacherous sea,
but convincing a brave crew and trust of throne.

Saying "perseverant" can't tell half the worth;
in ancient times, to lead on ocean wide.
On small sailing crafts, to travel half the earth,
forethought to prepare supplies, be the guide.

The innovative, intrepid, drive, we praise,
conquering fear and dangers of the waves,
conveying encouragement through endless days,
between small sailing ships, some fearing graves.

Pages of history attempt to tell
of how the undaunted venture met their goal.
Though not knowing the destination they braved "hell,
and high waters," so real each rock and shoal.

These days, we see a human with his flaws,
but. lest we discount the accomplishment,
remember we have gained a land with laws,
that still strive to procure fair government.

So, let's salute the ones who persevere,
in finding, in maintaining, our dear land,
and strive to keep the light of freedom here,
confer on all equality for which we stand.

10/14/2014 Carol Welch
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