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A Daily Prayer

Lord, Heavenly Father, I seek to honor you,
and all I say is far beneath Your worth.
So far beneath You, all I say and do,
and yet I owe to you my life and birth.

Your kingdom far beyond imagination's scope,
and still I pray the little bit of it I know,
will be among us, bringing hope.
Until Your glorious face and presence show.

To be touched by You in word or thought,
that I may know your will, promote it too.
and simply to see and act as I ought,
direction offered, Lord, I look to you.

Heavenly Father, I read Your good intent,
that all may know of You and to receive,
the gracious salvation You have sent,
through Your precious Son when we believe.

And, as we speak to you of heavenly realms,
depending on you our souls to please inform,
beyond our imagination, it overwhelms,
as we submit to You our souls to storm.

Our needs you have so generously supplied;
our spirits crave Your substance to sustain,
to keep us growing closed to Your side,
and grant us perseverance to remain.

My Lord, how greatly You've forgiven me,
and offer pardon when I go astray.
May I by Your grace, then, as forgiving be,
to others who encounter and pass my way.

Bless them, Father, with Your love and light ,
guide them too, as you are guiding me.
Through Your love and word that tell what's right,
give them the grace their souls to be set free.

Oh, against the tempter my great bulwark be,
and guide me that I do not slip and fall.
Thank you for the hand reached out to me,
when I acknowledge You my all in all.

Oh, let me remember what You teach,
and may I regard Your kingdom lovingly,
as you've offered me Your home to reach,
that with You I will spend eternity.

06/07/2014 Carol Welch
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