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Flag of Honor

Wave and wave again, oh precious flag;
proclaim our aim of freedom, justice too.
In the power of God, we will not lag;
wall of enemy and self He triumphs through.

Wave on, oh flag, with altruistic aim,
for citizens and nations of the world,
that victory of justice we may claim,
testified by red, white, blue unfurled.

Oh, may wisdom ever be our guide,
the red, the blood of those for freedom shed;
the white, pure motive, God be on our side;
blue, justice, perseverance led.

Human frailties, baseness, nonetheless,
that, beneath your charge seek to hold sway,
we pray that a greater power will bless ,
and your unsullied presence mark the day.

Fly on, red, white and blue in power,
by goodness aimed, and fortitude avowed,
respect to all, in daily walk or peril's hour,
compassionate, with moral right endowed.

06/05/2014 Carol Welch
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