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Address Book

I sought among the shadows of my handbag,
and in the dim recesses of my car,
bedroom, daunting, resistant as a sandbag,
and more convoluted too, by far.

My shelves, perused with ardor near beyond me,
beneath furniture where dust bunnies dwell.
I asked my friends, of searching mode, unbond me.
but , over me, a cloud desponent fell.

My hopes then lifted, when on cyberspace,
I realized much missing info lay.
Much of my lost data they could replace,
if dear ones could find the time and way.

Now heroes, in my eyes, rose to the cause,
and some addresses on emails appeared.
There are a few who through injured forepaws
or something, still are lacking, as I feared.

Should you be among the non-responsive,
could you wake my information slumber,
by sending your information that's by-gone-sive,
even go overboard and include phone number.

Then, among the shadows of my purse,
a glow of new-filled address book will shine.
I'll avoid doing bad or worse.
Thanks to you, all filled, it will be mine.

01/23/2015 Carol Welch
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