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Healing of a Life

You were on the icy graveyard hill,
each skinny, trembling knee,
faltered, no strength my frame to fill.
Yet, unseen, You stood by me.

I looked for You to take the pain.
to guide me through the night.
I thanked you when I seemed to gain.
goals lost, I mourned my plight.

While traveling on, some tears, some smiles
Each phase, Your presence kept.
I went this way, that way, all the miles;
Angels watched me as I slept.

Not only when the sun shines warm,
Your work in lives is felt.
But, Oh, Surprise! right in the storm,
Your deepest grace is dealt

When I was ready to receive
You stood by patiently,
'til, with Your grace, I could believe,
Your wiil is best for me.

You began to kindly teach my heart,
the serene ways of Your will.
When You touched me, not to depart,
You healed that icy hill.

©01/19/2015 Carol Welch
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