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Canine Companions

Airedale or schnauzer, called Towser or Bowser,
by our sides have cheerfully walked,
or trotted and looped, nuzzled our trouser,
voiced not a dispute as we talked.

Retriever or springer, hunter, back-bringer,
hounds' baying, the quarry locate.
Then by the fire, they don't imply, "liar",
when stories of hunts escalate.

Chihuahua or dachsie, they demonstrate moxie,
to get the attention they need.
Trying to please you, with pup-eyes appease you,
when they've done a forbidden deed.

Your pet's daily needs--go get the leads,
can be a positive aid;
before the soft couch allows you to slouch,
aging may well be delayed.

So, let your loving pup just buoy you up;
your newspaper bring or just chew .
To that doggie friend, let us commend,
"There's no one more special than you."

04/12/2015 Carol Welch
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