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Cherishing Each Other

What is it about mornings,
each one a different gift?
What promises or warnings,
of bonding or of rift?

What is it about caring,
that makes us see the best?
How our dear one is faring:
reassured, there's hope and rest.

What is this special treasure,
when doubt and blame we bar?
Cherishing love the measure
of each other as we are.

What makes the day go spinning,
being subject to the will,
of One who guides each inning,
the outcome to fulfill.

How, side by side, though absent,
but in the mind and heart,
our dreams and doings as present,
we share as not apart.

So, in the Father's presence,
though nearby or afar,
cherish simile or difference,
of each other as we are.

04/12/2015 Carol Welch
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