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Can't Bear the Intrusion

Marauder, yes, you sure astonished me,
on my lawn in early hours of morning.
My lovely bird friends scared into a tree;
robbed of their dinner without any warning.

You furry forest denizen, you've strayed,
into a home that did not bid you greeting.
Our joy it is, that long you haven't stayed,
more than just the birdies dinner eating.

Our forest friend, although you're picturesque,
it might be good to be just woods-specific.
When I'm here calmly working at my desk,
I don't want to encounter guests horrific.

Please think of it; I can not bear intrusion,
in my yard where peace should be the norm.
So bear with me, and join me in conclusion,
a bear should not our habitation storm.

05/23/2014 Carol Welch
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