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Dream Town

I fantasize a little town, well, not so very small,
with most desirable conveniences.
sites of beauty, and renown, perhaps not all,
but enough of each to please the senses.

The village I'm seeing, this city if you will,
provides entertainment , recreation,
rivers and lakes, not too high a hill,
opportunities for occupation.

With parks and trees enough to rest the eyes,
for merry climbing on and for game-playing,
old structures, long-lived, staid; new bring surprise,
some refurbished, so notice we are paying.

The leaders are our citizens who guide her,
who have served right here in their careers,
civil servant, educator, health provider,
state lawmaker, as well, through the years.

Gazing admiringly at her broad main street,
where vintage blends in with contemporary:
lawyers, brokers, stores,and spots to eat,
varied cuisine, enjoy diverse art, and tarry.

I picture stately steeples, standing tall,
their reverence to a shielding God proclaiming,
compassion to lift up those who fall,
the welfare of all citizens sustaining.

Provisions for health, care, guidance reside
in facilities with multiple needs providers.
Even displaced pets, cared for, kind-eyed,
hospitality extended to outsiders.

Where flags fly high for our land with regard,
and others are displayed with due respect.
Those who disregard the law would find it hard,
to deal with penalties that they collect.

Vision of desired fairness, meeting needs,
seeking beauty anywhere I roam,
the best of both the small and the large leads,
right to where I am now--Amery--home.

05/23/2014 Carol Welch
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