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Colors Exchanged

Oh, Gift of Vision, in its aspect bright,
allowing me the light and shades and hues.
To take a pen and of its glory write,
color both to rest in and to use.

What color bathed the land from which I flew.
all red and gold and bronze, it thrilled my eyes.
The color dropped and whirled, and I saw through,
what lay within, revealed, subdued and hidden prize.

The vibrant green of grapevine on the gate,
turned yellow in response to shorter days,
and, displaying scrolls, its artwork intricate,
again, says sweet goodbye to autumn ways.

Like the nest the eagle strips of ease,
the neutral colors all around me say,
the scene no longer screened by leafy trees,
it's time to bundle up or fly away.

Should we look back, the crystal snow piles high;
it's laughter we remember on the hill.
Gloomy clouds foretell snow in gray sky;
both nostalgia and shivers memories fill.

Colors change as we pass above the land,
all green and edged by lapping waters' foam.
The drift of snow exchanged for sunny strand;
Mixed feelings fade, OK, a while to roam.

©11/20/2014 Carol Welch
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