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Who Are We?

Our styles--explain some of whom we are;
like spaghetti, it's said,women twine around,
convoluted paths like spaghetti--seems bizarre,
while men compartmented like waffle squares seem bound.

Well. generalize! Won't fully tell the trend,
for sometimes between waffle sections flow,
and seep a forward motion without end.
Spaghetti types may in shell shapes know

Can it be, a force within each one,
although a tendency we can allege?
Some race to the essence before it's known;
others unearth truth by chipping at the edge.

Sometimes, in acceptance standing back,
through what seems to be distance, rapport comes,
and what appears to one dissimilar, lack,
when grown familiar, why the friendship hums.

Oh, textures of the farm and city street,
of mine and sea and plain and mountain high,
the heart in each inhabitant shall beat,
with God-given uniqueness, beneath the sky.

©11/08/2014 Carol Welch
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