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Creation Purpose and Beauty

The swan, whose graceful arching neck,
reflects on the pool a bird ballet,
the pelican with his jackknife dive,
creation's diversity, display.

Hey, beaver, with your slapping of tail,
you warn your young of peril's approach,
and plain, unobtrusive mother quail,
covert behavior babies coach.

The chicks endangered in hiding spot,
a brave little mother foils with a sham,
fake injury, drawing away the despot
then seeing them out of the jamb.

Camouflage, nature's trusty defense,
the spots on the fawn like leafy shade
green of the frog in lily pads dense,
brown, bumpy toad midst clods, eyes evade.

The brilliant male songbird graces the bough
drawing the eyes from the nest snugly hid,
brooded by a mother He'd plainly endow,
protect egg and offspring, harm forbid.

Beauty around us each feature has use,
coloration and form meeting need.
What wonder, what brilliance: more, who could choose?
Our Creator, aesthetics and purpose exceed.

03/14/2015 Carol Welch
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