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Amery Spring Show

Wonders of beauty and practical use,
revealed to keen folks of the town,
innovations and service to choose,
cordial greetings, developments crown .

The whispers of winter, crystal and white,
give way to spring's song, spanking new.
Old and young gather to welcome the sight,
neighbors meet, opportunities view.

In past times, the "Heigh-ho, come to the fair,"
gives way to new features announced.
so, as we gather in spring's winsome air,
we see winter's old doldrums trounced.

The theater, restaurants, each thriving youth group,
give the budding season new verve.
Trusty establishments keep us in the loop,
bring improvements to patrons they serve.

So, we open the doors, swing wide the gate,
show each newly developed offering.
The time is here we all celebrate.
The city says, "Hello, Spring."

03/14/2015 Carol Welch
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