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Dishwasher Principles

I like to get the dishwasher well filled,
capacity completely utilized
economy of the mass application,
in efficient array that I have prized.

Again, I am finding my kind partner,
who likes to see impurities omitted,
as quickly as can be, so my procedure
works only if I can be quick-witted.

Where can I conceal the offending vessels
until there are enough to fill the space?
I'll save water and detergent just by waiting,
but chances are, with egg upon my face.

The reason this is hard is, the dishwasher,
was the place the dishes could be hid,
relieving the counter of the clutter.
Now, when they're in there, they are quickly did.

The only remedy that I can think of,
is to be thankful for the work that's done.
The problem is gone, in the eye, a blink of.
Appreciate that diligent someone.

10/09/2014 Carol Welch
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