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Love Getting the Victory

Let me apply the loving ways I've learned,
a smile, a hug, and an uplifting tone;
when I must go, my loved one won't feel spurned,
but good will that I have, conveyed alone.

That the enemy will not the victory steal,
and goodness that is shared will be received ,
oh, grant me the value of the sharing feel,
and guide me to discern what I've believed.

That some objective thought may I apply,
so the enemy won't turn it personally,
to best construe and let the rest go by,
remembering defensiveness is hurting me.

Yes, let the smile, pat, hug the parting words,
be there as I to needful things depart,
that I may glean the best of what I've heard,
to be again receptive in my heart.

10/03/2014 Carol Welch
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