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Estrangement, sad word for what has been,
when two paths walked no longer intersect,
a sense not likely to return again,
though valued more, perhaps, in retrospect.

How prized, heart warming, glowing, is the bond,
acquaintance growing, trust, as time proceeds.
Identifying, respecting, growing fond,
close friendship springs, and love too, from such seeds.

With deepening of time and company,
more facets of mutual perception grew.
Acceptance, understanding came to be;
what formerly was just surmised, we knew.

Misunderstanding passing unexplained,
some differing opinions unresolved,
to keep the peace, pseudo agreement feigned,
step by step a widening breach evolved.

When gradually omitted day by day,
attention dwindling piecemeal finds it changed.
Things that had delighted, falling by the way.
A bond that once was held dear--now, estranged.

Alliances and actions of society,
bonds for mutual interest are arranged
Neglect to convey their stand openly,
like individuals, broken bond--estranged.

05/09/2014 Carol Welch
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