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Fall Festival

While we are laboring over each decision,
contention over certain issues is warm.
Now we anticipate a livelier precision,
as our local band and bands nearby perform.

The atmosphere is changing as the leaves hint;
among the residents is camaraderie.
Some glasses, perhaps grim, adopt a rose tint,
as we prepare to celebrate community.

Young parents for the kiddie parade preparing,
their children morphing into characters cartoon.
Churches and local clubs in days will be sharing
aromas of grilled and baked goods to come soon.

Photos of tots and lovely counterparts appear,
to tempt readers of the paper, speculate,
to whom each image's resemblance is near,
and who will be queen as we celebrate.

Individuals of special worthiness we salute,
as our parade proceeds, glitzy or pastorale,
4-H clubs, Scouts, and candidates en route,
Equine retinue proudly gracing the finale.

Then to the stands those tempting aromas wafted,
and to the rides for which the kids implore.
The art for sale, the quilts so deftly crafted,
Time to enjoy all the day has in store.

Such victories, queen candidates selected,
by businesses and clubs; one has the honor won.
The hidden medal by a lucky one detected,
fun and good memories when these days are done.

09/08/2014 Carol Welch
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