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Cheap Roll of Tissue

They shifted low in the storage,
the tissue they purchased for thrift,
lest guests would disgruntledly forage,
and find their discovery no gift.

Some family member may find it,
when the supply becomes low,
trusting scratchiness, they won't mind it,
or else in the garbage they'll throw.

Some oldster, recalling newspaper
or catalog used in the past,
may overlook the virtual scraper,
that would leave the more spoiled ones aghast.

Belief that we'd never get to it,
if we kept the supply to the top,
allowed us delay and not do it,
though knowing the dread truth could drop

It's really more the perception ,
of discomfort meeting the skin.
Therefore we persist in deception,
that usage will never begin.

It's favorable trait to be thrifty
if judgment's not shoved to the shelves.
On the other hand it's not nifty,
to find we must use it ourselves.

09/15/2014 Carol Welch
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