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Figs and Faith

Prophets of old a truth of life relayed;
the riches in our bank or house or lands,
do not spare us from ever being afraid.
Security and peace not in our hands.

Like Habakkuk, when the harvest failed,
when the bloom of fig trees shrank and fell,
and hope was not in harvest to be hailed,
he still praised God and trusted Him as well.

Though figuratively, our fig trees bloom,
when for us, true want and need are rare,
compared to world wide want, we have much room,
for gratitude so far beyond our share.

Where war and pestilence the world abound,
and plenty is not dreamed of by the whole.
For us, what peace, abundance, too, are found.
What bit of sharing aid can be our goal?

Like Habakkuk praised God when means were slim,
and hope lay only in the hand of God,
can we, for our plenty, give thanks to Him,
and share with those who less affluent plod.

When our favorite plans seem come to naught,
when in tomorrow seems no better day,
could be changed perspective, view, and thought,
allow us, like Habakkuk, praise Him anyway.

01/15/2015 Carol Welch
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