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So, life is short, but, ah, what's new?
Life was short, when at sixteen,
how to retrieve the slight then dealt,
what thought and word turned right again?

Time is short, and life moves on,
and, just to live and find the way.
New blossoms where the old is gone:
Running to just define the day.

Defined? Only learn how to live.
And what is started and complete?
Recorded what we take and give,
what lies unfinished at our feet.

So, life is short and races on,
and to make sense put into words.
Just take a look, what little done,
and only passing time records.

Well, bitter taken with the sweet;
The outcome, no time to report.
The marks left by our passing feet,
only agree that life is short.

03/17/2015 Carol Welch
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