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Minnesota Maller

You may have heard of the Missouri Mauler
In wrestling rings, he really made his mark;
I know a gal he couldn't match or follow,
as she leaves her impact, shopping dawn 'til dark

They call her the Minnesota Maller;
in all the shops, she really makes a haul.
The merchants together cheer and holler,
when she comes to Minneapolis or St. Paul.

She makes black Friday seem a puff of smoke;
the early sales, she makes it to them all.
Her SUV should be a semi truck, no joke,
by the time she leaves the shopping mall.

Outlet-- another word that turns her on,
boutique--a place to have a lavish ball.
The clicking of her credit card from dawn,
to closing time in Wally World beats all.

Wisconsin, eyes turn green when she comes back
to have scored all those bargains would enthrall.
Let's try to lure her home to spend her jack,
back here in a Wisconsin shopping mall.

She would be one of the Wisconsin Mallers;
in Milwaukee, Madison, even St. Croix Falls.
She could scatter all her plastic dollars,
as she frequents Wisconsin shopping malls.

©10/23/2014 Carol Welch
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