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Sharing With an Older Friend

How many times I used to tell you of my chores,
how busy the routines along the way.
And you would say you wished that life was yours,
for you were old and at a loss to fill your day.

When I'd feel down, I knew that I could call,
and you would welcome talk of kids and yard.
When you were able to garden, you'd recall,
before time on stiffened hands made it too hard.

Now you and dear old lady friends have passed.
It won't be long, I suppose, 'til they call me,
though, now the hours just don't seem to last,
long enough the end of work to see.

It makes me count my blessings, day by day,
that health enables me, enjoy my mode,
and friends all ages gathered on the way,
stand by me and I them along life's road.

If unwelcome infirmity sets in,
busy-ness of my young friends will seem a boon,
I'll recall how with older friends and kin,
it lifted me to know I'd cheered an afternoon.

10/24/2014 Carol Welch
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