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New Year 2015

Like a carefully done weaving,
like a garment deftly knit,
made of joy, acceptance, grieving,
made of weariness and wit.

Looking back across the stitches,
is the weaving free of error?
Have we glossed over the glitches?
Can our viewing risk the mirror?

With a challenge to improve it,
we invite another year.
Will we dread and drudge or love it?
Our old habits cling or clear?

As the world around us changes,
just a little every day,
what hold firm, what rearranges?
A guide we need to point the way.

Without turn to self denouncing,
see life's possibilities,
give discouragement a trouncing,
"just one day", we'll live with ease.

No need to carry past days' burdens,
or focus on tomorrow's block,
Blow away the hurts with pardons;
"Let go" may our hearts unlock.

A forgiving One has gone before us,
paid the debts if we'll accept.
Let the Father's love restore us,
fears, offenses, intercept.

With the sweetness of forgiveness,
amended snags, missed stitches left.
Let the new year have real newness,
New in knit or warp and weft.

12/28/2014 Carol Welch
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