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Losing or Gaining Strength

I surrendered all my power,
reacted to your presumed blow.
That very moment, very hour,
put you above and me, below.

When I couldn't rise above it,
victory slipped right through my hand,
chose not to meet the challenge and love it,
missed life event that could be grand.

Results of actions came to light;
I may have said you were to blame.
My chance to grow slipped out of sight;
flawed perspective was a shame.

Should I let your actions rule me?
Should I see you as the cause?
My own view of things can fool me;
to growth and learning, give applause.

There is One, the blame assuming;
though, responsible, we view with shame,
not to others charge presuming.
If we let go, Jesus takes the blame.

With an act of love, forgiving,
opens the mind to see what's true.
a Teacher, Guide, for life we're living,
an answer brings to me and you.

01/01/2015 Carol Welch
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