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Observing Dissimilar Days

When spooky time and standard time,
clocks turned back, coincide.
At a loss what to say or rhyme,
either way, a slippery ride.

So, quickly to address the pair:
the spooky night comes first,
with little goblins, princesses fair;
then onto us the tricky time will burst.

It's eerie at the movies,eerie on the street,
where little pirates, movie stars and ghosts,
venture out for parties, trick or treat,
delighting prepared and waiting hosts.

Wind sounds strange and weird, in the branches bare,
drivers are warned: pedestrians observe.
They may be short and bouncy, silver frizzy hair.
Remember, they're excited; watch each curve.

The advantage of this coincidence,
if we could say that one might be,
turning the clock back makes some sense,
makes up for time out--spooky glee.

The next plus for one whose sleep is dear,
the blankets a comfort in this clime,
we gain an hour of morning this time of year;
we turn our clocks back, adopt standard time.

10/19/2014 Carol Welch
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