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Newspaper and Radio

Informative, timely, you keep us involved,
if we desire to take part,
community issues, unfolded or solved,
benefit to the commerce or heart.

Innovative, resourceful the city fares,
with its citizens and proactive guides.
Where a decline appears, new vision shares
preservation and teamwork besides.

We'll rise to the cause when footing looks grim;
our attention is called to the need.
Many can accomplish when chances are slim,
accurately informed we'll proceed.

We see it in action, efforts' results,
the theater presenting once more,
entertainment, variety, social contacts,
nostalgia and new blood take the fore.

Municipal progress, attainment for all,
can't materialize out of the blue.
Being informed, we may rise to the call,
not say sadly, "If only we knew."

©10/17/2014 Carol Welch
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