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Rock-a-bye Baby and Eagle

My dear man has devised a folktale or two,
adequately embellished with wit.
It seems that the baby in treetop--boo hoo,
abandoned in her cradle did sit.

The birdies, thought, "What can we do?"
"We're too little to feed the small child."
The eagle came by from his nest in the blue,
saying, "How are babes fed in the wild?"

No sooner he thought it than off he did fly,
and plummeted down from the air,
upon a mouse that skittered by,
and with the baby did share.

The moral of this story is , not in a tree,
but rock your dear babes in the house.
Lest a caring eagle your baby should see,
and generously share his mouse.

09/29/2014 Carol Welch
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