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Practice on the Scraps

I gave her strings and paper scraps,
tried trusting her with glue.
things that were expendable,
to see what she would do.

She asked for colors and pencils,
no problem to provide.
Soon she was busy making things.
I'd ask her to describe.

If you should ask her what it is,
her little face may fall.
so results of scraps, she made a thing
I hung up on the wall.

Our Heavenly Father, looking down,
guides us in some tasks,
to touch His world in some small way.
What have we made, one asks.

We may believe we've hit the mark,
or fumbled miserably,
but like we are with children,
He's smiling tolerantly.

Someday in His kingdom grand,
should we His children be,
it may be that we'll get to do
what He taught us patiently.

10/03/2014 Carol Welch
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