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Snowbird Trade-off

Hurray! The flowers in the planters didn't freeze.
The jet stream dropped south, but didn't do its worst.
Schools in Indiana closed, not snow, but frigid breeze.
Eau Claire took measures that pipes wouldn't burst.

The insects in Wisconsin take their annual break,
while in the southland they maintain activity.
The maintenance folks attend to park and lake,
so tourists won't pack up their bags and flee.

Snowbirds, who do not brave the winter's cold,
sometimes grumble when the high is fifty-three.
In the springtime, when the sun its path has rolled,
north enough so that frozen lakes are free,

Snowbirds return to fight the insect pests once more,
having missed the months the landscape was pristine.
No buzzing was present over pond and shore.
They overlook the downside, enjoy the scene.

So, when they are again in northern states,
cheering, "Hurray! The flowers didn't freeze."
Being back with hometown neighbors worth the wait,
the "best of both worlds" takes adjustment and esprit.

01/09/2015 Carol Welch
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