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What Will They Think Of Next

In this world of techy gadgets,
conversation loses ground.
They will text to send a message,
although they are right around.

Well, perhaps this curious practice,
youngsters are prone to employ,
would solve the receiving problem,
that older folks find can annoy.

Let's go ahead, equip our cellphone,
a function that will allow for text.
Our communication problem,
would be lessened, new skill flexed.

On the other hand, the money,
to provide another phone,
and the minutes' cost for texting,
might affect the budget zone.

I once thought of a pad to write on,
jotting points to get across.
That would cheaply serve the purpose;
though, old-fashioned, what's the loss?

It reminds me of a small boy,
fiddling with uncles' car door.
Seeing the manual window handle,
he asked what that could be for.

Of course, uncle said to run the window.
Like my writing pad or cell phone text.
He exclaimed in shocked amazement,
Saying,"What will they think of next?"

01/02/2015 Carol Welch
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