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Summer Reprieve

It's time, the weatherman forecasts,
to say reluctantly, "Adieu."
this kind of weather never lasts,
this late in the year, though end we rue.

But today we bask in summer mood,
more prized as unexpected gift.
while foliage reminds us what is true:
tomorrow, summer's air will lift.

So let the present for the while
lend beauty both of summer and fall,
and, looking backward with a smile,
"That lovely break was best of all."

The leaves were turning gold and red
while butterflies their graceful flight
enhanced lingering flower's bowed head,
hosted the harvest moon at night.

It's tomorrow we say "Just a while."
to luxury granted at no cost,
remembering, with a secret smile,
"Indian summer will follow frost."

©09/28/2014 Carol Welch
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