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Accepting Change

In good company, I see I'm not alone;
so many of us grasp the summer close.
Those who make their home the temperate zone
would vainly stay the fading of the rose.

Would winter seem to close in like a brig?
Or, would it flash and, like a diamond, lure?
Just occupy, resigned, until a sprig
of summer's harbinger would then assure?

Until acceptance brings a change of heart,
unyielding, allowing what has been hold sway,
the kind I must admit to be a part,
could, to their detriment, dampen each day.

Nostalgia aside, we journey on,
smiling at summer's familiar cliches,
like "living easy," "balmy breeze.", warm dawn.
Before the coldness, come bright flaming days.

When, taking each day as it comes, gives light.
the ups and downs: late summer, early fall,
escort us through bright day and frosty night;
It's then we lose the dread of winter's call.

The world at large is mostly temperate.
So many must adjust as seasons flow.
one to another. Hail accepting state,
God grants, as into change we go.

09/24/2014 Carol Welch
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