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Summer Shower

Almost imperceptible, the drops slide down the pane;
blending to a silken sheet they spread.
Like the flowing of a soft, nostalgic strain,
it calms the chaos stirring in my head.

The roof, a drum head that invites the roll,
or tattoo of the dripping rat-a-tat,
a break, permitting busy ones to loll,
'til workmen return to labor and hard hat

With lifting of nimbus clouds, the butterfly
floats airily on summer's sun-washed breeze.
A patch of blue breaks into leaden sky,
and droplets fall, an afterthought, from trees.

The grassy yard, for you and me, a treat,
when we were small and splashed in roguish play.
Grass and flowers revive their hue and fragrance sweet;
time comes, recoup the order of the day.

07/13/2014 Carol Welch
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