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County Fair

Have you seen the signs? They say it's coming
The roadside's filled with bright promoting art.
Evidence of the action humming:
4-H, proclaiming head, hands, health and heart.

Homes are buzzing; it's the center,
preparations thorough, being made.
Young and old their exhibits enter,
displaying all their best to make the grade.

Billboards shout out to us, "Come, enjoy it.
Take part with us in your county's pride."
Enthusiasm, interest, you'll employ it;
prepare to win a prize or take a ride.

See outstanding draft horse competition,
grandstand shows designed to wow the crowd.
Youngsters' well honed equine exhibition
causes us to view and cheer out loud.

Cloverbuds and older members turn out,
displays of work they've done throughout the year.
Parents advise, transport them, avoid burnout,
on show day, attend, affirm, and cheer .

Be sure your arm will be tugged on to get you
to the midway where the rides are found,
some thrills, slim chance for a prize, I'll bet you.
Enjoy games, ferris wheel and merry-go-round.

The showing of fine pigs, the cows, and sheep,
fancy chickens, and exotic pets, you'll see.
Small children are so thrilled to get a peep
at animal babies with their family.

Who ever can forget the fragrance of
the bratwurst, the French fries and the barbecue?
Home-baked fruit and cream pies that you love,
served by the sportsman, church, homemakers too.

It's your omni-experience of country life,
with enrichment to keep when it is done.
There's something for kids and man and wife.
So hang onto the memories and the fun.

07/12/2014 Carol Welch
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