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Thanks for the day

To start another brand new day
and bid the past stay in its place.
Let go and let tomorrow unfold,
when it comes time, there's help to face.

To look around and see what's there,
so blessed with generosity,
having a loving God to care,
beauty createcd, eyes to see.

To think of friends here and afar,
the treasure of hearts dear to share,
opportunities no limits bar,
to give of love and show I care.

For wisdom, daily, from above,
for needs met as I go along,
for knowledge what is done in love,
is full of life and joyous song.

To know a heart that's filled with thanks,
to hear the sharing others give,
adds more to life than cash in banks,
a happy choice with which to live.

To put the day into the hands ,
of One who rates my love and faith,
freed from self will's hindering bands,
to Him who holds each pulse and breath.

07/23/2014 Carol Welch
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