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Rainbow Dream

Over the rainbow with Dorothy I flew;
a world I imagined, all fresh and new.
How marvelous, wondrous, happy, so high.
The lion found courage, much more so than I.

The heart of the tin man was mine, hard as nails,
no tears shed for loss, no pain as one fails.
Scarecrow's sweet mind, illusions held high,
I held them too, and watched them die.

The wizard, perhaps, as empty as dust,
hope unfulfilled, object of misguided trust.
The light puff of smoke when drifting away,
dispelled the confusion, new sight won the day.

So, courage came, the One, faithful, in charge,
surrender: the heart small and hard became large.
Goodbye to illusions; truth we now can find.
the gift of a confident, Spirit led mind.

The rainbow then held each crystalline hue,
centered on a home, safe under the blue.
Compassion grew for the weak and the wrong.
With Dorothy I joined the "dream come true" song.

07/15/2014 Carol Welch
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