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The Portrayal

Here is the scene at Bethlehem town,
the Father in heaven with love looking down.
Here are young children, come to portray
things that happened on Christmas eve and next Day.

Here is the governor who decreed,
each to his ancestral town must proceed.
Here is the donkey all burdened down,
bringing mother with child to Bethlehem town.

Here is the inn where the family sought,
a place to give birth, that could not be bought.
Here is the stable with manger so rude,
wrapped with swaddling cloths, lay the pure Son of God.

Here is the mother, with tender care,
her worthy husband , who scandal did dare.
Here is the angel, who announced and assured,
they were to care for our Savior, the Lord.

Here, far from town, on dark, lonely hill,
where shepherds watch, each his shift to fulfill.
Here are the angels, proclaiming out loud,
while, in dazzling light, shocked shepherds bowed.

Here's the glad sound, "Peace to the world."
host of marvelous angels, wings all unfurled.
Here is the rocky path to the town,
while shepherds ran, one to watch stayed around.

Here is the star making trail bright as day,
on the path to the manger where the babe lay.
These are the shepherds with homage to bring,
then rushed to spread news of the newborn babe king.

Here are the wisemen, following that star,
to King Herod came, after traveling far.
Here is the angel warning them go
back a different way, wicked king should not know.

These are the sinners like you and like me,
hoping not to be like the proud pharisee,
but only can make it with God on our side,
God sent his son with us to abide.

Here are the families, watching each child,
portraying the savior and mother so mild.
Here are the tears that dampen the eyes
of us who are saved by God's gift from the skies.

12/22/2014 Carol Welch
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