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Our Gift for Christmas

The lives, deprived, and of loved ones bereft,
more touching at this time when joy abounds,
to those, it seems, whose hopes and dreams have left,
there is taunting in the season's happy sounds.

So, like the troubadour who bids them come,
let the warmth of Christmas that we feel
gently reach out and touch the hurting home,
sharing kindness, goods, and trusting God to heal.

The very Christ who came to set us free,
Who met the world in stable rude and bare,
cause for merry celebration, gifts and tree,
brings hope; may we be part and show we care.

Yes, light the tree; sing joyous songs of praise,
and share our heart and home with those who lack,
remembering the gift of life's eternal days.
To hurting ones, love, help bring Christmas back.

12/15/2014 Carol Welch
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