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Vain Search or Triumph

What thorny search for what is lost,
or that which never has been found.
In many efforts pay the cost;
the knack or answer is not found.

Is it an object or a thought?
A way to grasp the hidden goal?
More we desire that it is caught,
what's out of reach or our control.

We struggle on and test a clue,
in obscure crannies of the mind,
in our surroundings, what or who,
can aid in the attempt to find?

Like a release from knotty bands,
comes the answer--someone knew,
or saw the object that our hands,
in vain had tried to grasp or do.

Oh, happy day! The search is done,
and onward we can now progress.
Life now is meaningful and fun.
We say, "Thank God! Oh yes, oh yes."

12/30/2014 Carol Welch
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