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Christmas in Two Places

Could I be in two places at one time
what wonderful rare favor that would be.
As I plan for a season near sublime,
no preference contrary would I see.

That as I dance beneath the tropic moon,
still close in heart to those who meet up north,
I'd sense no longing for the frost's festoon;
my alter ego would with them go forth.

The Christmas holiday, as in the past,
is spent with love, in the flesh or heart,
with those to whom my bond of love clings fast,
near as my breath or many miles apart.

So I rejoice in the Gift then given,
that makes each occasion time for joy,
the wealth of love here, promise of Heaven,
so plans with hope and pleasure we employ.

Who would have thought my dear would ask a dance,
to Christmas music in the tropic park?
So, though I'm in just one place, what a chance,
to live a dream, as day fades into dark.

Oh, with my loved ones whose Christmas is white,
my hopes and wishes flow in harmony ,
as we share the Gift God gave that night,
anticipate spring when each face I'll see.

12/04/2014 Carol Welch
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